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About Our Business

Expert on the built environment sector in China, based in London

Arcas & Callisto Consulting was founded by Shaoqiang Li and Jia W. Li in 2017. As a father-daughter duo, they chose ‘Arcas and Callisto’, a mother-son duo in Greek mythology, to represent this family business.

We are dedicated to help innovative SMEs based in the UK and EU enter Chinese market. We aim at providing transparency and clarity so that our clients can make the best, informed decisions. Our expertise is focused on the construction sector.

Since 2019, we are endorsed by University College London (UCL) Innovation and Enterprise, and have since been their only in-house consultancy.


​Jia W. Li

Co-Founder, CEO

If you are an English speaker, you will most likely be interacting with Jia. Jia is responsible for the operation of A&C in the UK. Her key focus is the delivery of quality service and business development of A&C.

Prior to founding A&C, Jia has also worked in the social development sector. Later in her experience working with international businesses, she was frustrated by the intransparencies and foul plays done by middlemen and agencies. She decided that her consultancy will drive changes, bring transparency, and value authenticity.


Shaoqiang Li

Co-Founder, China Director

Shaoqiang is responsible for the operation of A&C in China. Shaoqiang is a senior engineer. Throughout his experience in the building sector for decades, he has extensive experience in the public sector, SOEs, and private companies.

His experience includes: the factory director of Lanzhou Polyurethane Chemical Plant in 1989; he served as the director of the Information Network Department of the China Coatings Industry Association and founded the "China Coatings Network" in 2000; he is the Deputy Director of the Environmentally Friendly and Healthy Building Materials Standardization Technical Committee of the Building Materials Industry.

He has also been the editor-in-chief of the national standard "Eco-design Product Evaluation Specifications for Solid Waste Preparation Blocks", the Construction Industrial Standard of "Lightweight Mortar" Product Standards, and a range of Society Standards incl. "Building Decoration Integrated Application Technical Regulations" , "Building Decoration Cement Product Standard", "Building Decoration Renewable Putty Product Standard", and most recently, industrial standard for “Sludge Ceramsites”.